Girls Rock! Conference, Central Maine 2019

04/11/2019 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM ET


We are excited to have you at the Girls Rock! Conference at the Alfond Youth Center on Thursday, April 11th from 9am-1pm (registration opens at 8:30) #girlsrock19

The Girls Rock! Conference is an event planned FOR girls BY girls.  The high school girls on the Girls Advisory Board chooses topics for the workshops and presentations that are relevant to them AND YOU!  Get ready for a fun filled day of learning, sharing, growing and some girl powered activism!  

Workshops are as follows: 

Flawless w/ Susie & Emma 4th & 5th grades
In this workshop, we will be encouraging young folks to learn about important female musicians, as well as empower them to make and appreciate music on their own time. We will be diving into women with feminist lyrics, as well as design our own CD covers!

Yoga & Mindfulness w/ Anna & Aurora - ALL GRADES
Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy! Learn how to take care of your body through fun and easy yoga and meditation. Together we will learn what you should be doing to treat your mind and body right.

Self Expression w/ Ella & Amna - ALL GRADES
This workshop will explore clothing stereotypes, respecting the way people present across religions and cultures, unrealistic/unhealthy beauty standards in the media, makeup stigmas, what it means to have a healthy mentality about it, and more! With your anonymous questions and an open dialogue, join the conversation, plus design your own ideal school dress code!

Powerful Women Winnin’ w/ Terra & Grace - ALL GRADES
In this workshop we will be exploring powerful women in: politics and activism, entertainment and sports, and STEM. We’ll ask what makes them powerful to us? To the world? We will expand on definitions through conversation and collaborative art. You’ll learn about women worldwide and female strength, so that one day you can become a powerful woman yourself!

STEM-tastic w/ Hardy Partners - ALL GRADES
Do you like tinkering, experimenting, programming, or hypothesizing? Join this workshop to spend some time with scientists, engineers, and other fans of science, technology, and math!

Behind the Screen w/ Molly & Sooki - 7th & 8th only
In this workshop, we’ll be exploring different types of media and they change perceptions. We’ll analyze how they portray different body types, races and religions. We’ll play games to test our skills in noticing the difference between before and after in edited photos and commercials. After our workshop, you’ll know what’s what in media.

The ABCs of the LGBT w/ Alex & Jess 7th & 8th only
Our country has made such huge strides in LGBTQ+ inclusive laws. However, this isn’t just a conversation for legislation, but also one for daily life! Not only will we give you a starter pack of helpful LGBTQ+ info/terms, we’ll learn through an anonymous Q&A, open conversations, celebrity stories, and fun games. This workshop is not just for LGBTQ+ students, but anyone with an open mind!

Speak Up w/ Skye & Brynne 7th & 8th only
In the climate we live in, sexual assault and how to prevent it is very prevalent. This workshop will discuss the #metoo movement, healthy relationships, the importance of consent, and how to say no in stressful circumstances. While the majority of the workshop will be discussion based, there will be skits and bracelet making to highlight consent.

Doodle Brain w/ Emma & Kaitlyn 7th & 8th only
This workshop is a fun and interesting way to learn about what you’re feeling and how to deal with those feelings. We will making coping cards and sharing stories of how others have coped with their mental health. We will also have an anonymous question box so that you can ask questions without any pressure.