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Thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page for Hardy Girls Healthy Women. As some of you may know, I have been involved with Hardy Girls for about a year and a half now.I am more excited about Hard Girls this year than I was before!

I want to tell you why: I have learned to see things within the framework of two worlds.The Hardy Girls world and the “other” world out there of contraction and negativity, fear and skepticism.

This is the Hardy Girls world: a place where girls are engaged in their schools, their local communities and online. These girls are learning to communicate--to their peers, to their parents and to the adults around them. They are learning to advocate for themselves and to advocate for others. At Hardy Girls, our programming is run by girls for girls.  This year at Hardy Girls our programming has expanded; schools are now paying our staff for their workshops. They want to hear what the girls have to say. They want to learn how to help middle school girls navigate the world of media imaging, negative messaging, stereotypes, changing bodies and changing social norms. Its alot for a young person to deal with. We help them help themselves and each other. 

Come join us! Our Annual Girls Rock! Awards coming up on March 27th. If you are in the state of Maine, come to our event in Portland! If not, please help me reach my goal of $3000. We are so excited about the girls we are recognizing this year; these are girls who have worked to change attitudes around sexual harassment in schools, increased awareness around racial and gender biases and cultural differences in their local community, run for local government against the incumbent -and one of my personal favorites--inventing a new diabetes glucose test. Morgan LaRochelle, age 14, was unhappy with the prick test for Diabetes 1, and went ahead and invented a new test for herself and others! She has won state and National awards for her vision.

We CAN make a difference. Youth can’t wait! Thanks

Val Stone


ABOUT GR!Awards 2020


Hardy Girls' biggest fundraiser is the annual Girls* Rock! Awards. This is one awesome night of listening to girls talk about leaping over stereotypes, ignoring the haters and smashing the patriarchy. We honor six girls* who are challenging society and making changes around our state. Hardy Girls Healthy Women takes girls seriously and puts the power in their hands to challenge a society that ignores their brilliance. 

*self-identifying girls and gender expansive youth

Name Date Amount Comments
Jane Batzell 03/11/2020 $100.00 So sorry that I can't make the Girls Rock! Awards. You rock on,Val. xoxo
Cinda Joyce 02/21/2020 $50.00 Thank you for all you do to support girls and women, Val!
Maret Hensick 02/20/2020 $104.37  
Mariana Winnett 02/20/2020 $104.37  
Laurie Nash 02/20/2020 $104.37 This is an amazing effort and some awesome girls. Congratulations on all you’re doing! Laurie
Gloria Stone 01/31/2020 $84.40 Love Gloria
Ellie Stone 01/30/2020 $82.70  
Kippie Helzel 01/28/2020 $26.06  
Karen Geraghty 01/28/2020 $31.20 Thanks for the work you are doing with Hardy Girls, Val! I will see you at the fundraiser.
Bill Weydemeyer 01/28/2020 $50.00 Happy to help such a great organization - thanks for all you do Val!
Cheryl Wilkinson 01/28/2020 $51.80 Sounds like a great mission, Val! Happy to support this cause.
Elizabeth Grossman 01/25/2020 $26.06 I'm proud to donate to such an important organization. Keep up the great work. Liz Grossman
  Total $815.33  
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