Cammy's Girls Rock! Scholarship Fundraiser
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Cammy's Girls Rock! Scholarship Fundraiser
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Thanks for visiting my Girls Rock! fundraising page. This year I am raising money to support the Girls Rock! Conference scholarship fund so every girl* who wants to attend can.


The Girls Rock! Conferences are created and hosted by girls for girls. The high school girls on the Girls Advisory Board choose topics for the conference that are relevant to girls in grades 4-8 and then design interactive workshops that get the girls involved. The GAB girls act as the speakers and workshop facilitators, and they challenge the younger girls to think, to ask questions and to explore new ideas. This fun-filled day of learning, sharing, making allies, and growing includes lots of girl-powered activism.


I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the conferences as a volunteer, and each time I am blown away by the excitement, energy and creativity of the girls who facilitate and the girls who attend. They come away feeling heard and inspired. Here’s what some of the girls who attended in 2019 had to say: "My favorite part of the conference was how we are empowered to be our true selves and not hide what is unique and different." (7th grader) "This was one of the best days of my life." (4th grader) “This really opened my eyes.” (8th grader)



GAB girls host the Girls Rock! Conference in three locations each year: Portland, Bangor and Waterville. 500 girls from around the state attend. Many of these girls can’t afford the $20 admission fee, but Hardy Girls is committed to raising scholarship funds so that no girl is ever turned away. I have set a goal to raise the tuition for 150 girls, and I hope you will join me by sponsoring one girl, 10 girls or as many as you can. 


* self-identifying girls and gender expansive folks









ABOUT GR!Awards 2020


Hardy Girls' biggest fundraiser is the annual Girls* Rock! Awards. This is one awesome night of listening to girls talk about leaping over stereotypes, ignoring the haters and smashing the patriarchy. We honor six girls* who are challenging society and making changes around our state. Hardy Girls Healthy Women takes girls seriously and puts the power in their hands to challenge a society that ignores their brilliance. 

*self-identifying girls and gender expansive youth

Name Date Amount Comments
Molly Bedell 03/02/2020 $103.30  
Whitney Ray-Dawson 03/02/2020 $51.80 Love the work!
Judith Wentzell 03/02/2020 $62.10  
Rosey Guest 03/02/2020 $26.06  
Annette Lee 02/28/2020 $75.00  
Helen & Mac Crary 02/26/2020 $250.00  
Ron Picciotti 02/25/2020 $100.00  
Beverly Gillette 02/25/2020 $100.00  
Anonymous Friend 02/25/2020 $250.00  
Deborah Wolozin 02/24/2020 $60.00 What a wonderful organization that I had not heard about before. Thank you for letting us help. Debbie and Bob
Elisabeth Zimmerman 02/16/2020 $100.00  
Suzin Bedell-Healy 02/14/2020 $103.30  
Pat Barnard 02/14/2020 $60.00 Great cause-happy to help!
Jane Bunker 02/12/2020 $103.30 Nothing better than to empower young girls to help them realize their full potential and know how amazing they are!
Michelle Kuchuk 02/07/2020 $31.20 Yay Cammy!!
Marilyn Meyerhans 02/06/2020 $52.34  
Susan Howe 02/04/2020 $30.00  
Brenda Campen 02/04/2020 $41.94 Kudos to Cammy Watts for her many years of work on the Hardy Girls board. This donation celebrates her work.
Lynda Schroeder 02/04/2020 $154.79 Such a great organization,with an important mission.
Leanne George 02/04/2020 $206.28  
Tracy MacKenzie 02/03/2020 $206.28 For the #1 Hardy Mom! Xo
Kimberly Burns 02/03/2020 $515.24  
Mary Barnes 02/03/2020 $206.28  
Linda Jurras 02/03/2020 $40.00  
Campbell Watts 02/02/2020 $206.28  
Mary Caulkins 02/02/2020 $416.55 Cammy Watts!
Molly Thompson 02/02/2020 $20.00  
Avery MacKenzie 02/02/2020 $206.28  
Judith Tharinger 02/02/2020 $41.50 Congratulations and good luck for all the work you do!
  Total $3,819.82  
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